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The Queen of Harlem Commandments

The Queen of Harlem Commandments is the first book by Michelle Smalls, a Harlem powerhouse who turned her pain into prosperity by following a code of conduct she first learned living the life of a street boss. Ms. Smalls's journey is not unlike many young women of color living in the inner cities that learn early in life how to rise above pain, loss, and disappointment.  

Through it all, the Queen made no excuses. Instead, she made commandments.


This book shares Ms. Smalls' moments of heartache. triumphs, betrayal, and disloyalty She believes in order to survive and be successful in the hustle of life, you must respect the Code and follow the Commandments.

Control Your Emotions 

or They will Control YOU


The "Control Your Emotions or they will Control You" workbook is an innovative tool designed to help individuals work through emotional struggles and develop a stronger sense of self-awareness.


Authored by Michelle Smalls, known to many in the community as the “Queen of Harlem,” this workbook draws on her extensive experience as a philanthropist, successful entrepreneur, investment property owner, influencer, and real estate broker to help people navigate challenges they face in today's society. Smalls is a problem solver who is exceptionally attuned to the needs and desires of her community, and her workbook is a testament to her commitment to helping people build a brighter future.

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Michelle Smalls

Michelle Smalls is known as “Queen of Harlem” to many in the community. Michelle’s goal is to put smiles on the faces of young people, by way of giving back to the community at large.  Michelle is an influencer, serial entrepreneur, real estate broker, and philanthropist. For well over a decade, Michelle smalls, as a social impact leader, has always placed a high priority on youth and the community.


Michelle intuitively sees the needs and desires of her community, as an inspirational leader who focuses on problem-solving. She takes full action and hosts outstanding charity events like her Christmas Toys and Coats drive, Community Halloween party, Back to school drive, preparing teens for their proms, and having an all-girls basketball team.


Ms. Smalls is a pillar in the Harlem community. She is transforming the lives of our youth by empowering them with love and opportunities that could build a tighter bond in our lifetime.

There are people we meet in life who live life in such a way that there living inspires us to transcend the narrow confines of our self-imposed limitations. These people live so audaciously that we feel compelled to follow in their footsteps. Michelle's Smalls is one of those people. Michelle's resilience, courage, and strength are an inspiration to all who encounter her. She understands that her authenticity and transparency are her superpowers. Her book and her commandments highlight the truths she lives by it will encourage all who read to be there better selves. The Queen has spoken!


- Pastor Mike Waldron


I heard of the Queen Of Harlem before I met her (which I am sure is the case as it relates to her meeting me.) The Queen’s name has been ringing bells in certain circles for years. When I did finally meet her I immediately felt boss energy. I noticed she loved others before she loved her self but at the same time could still be ice cold. The way she independently funds and runs all her businesses and takes care of the world while raising her children is truly an art. She’s cut from the cloth that is rare these days and she is more thorough than most dudes I know. I immediately asked her to come run my companies, but of course, she has her own. In a relatively short time, we became family, and getting to know her and hearing certain stories, I challenged her to write her book so we could turn it into a movie. And of course, the Queen accepted that challenge, she would send me chapters and I was blown away with how eloquently she writes. There is nothing this woman can’t do and I am so proud of her, and I know how difficult this was to her because she’s such a humble and private person. Overall Michelle is one of the most solid people I know. Her morals and principles mean everything to her and she will unapologetically not compromise them for anything in the world, and I respect that. She is fearless, and her children are a proper reflection of her, you can tell they were raised right. She’s also a different kind of fine, she is fine as red wine all of the time. And always fresh, and I have to say, you will see and feel all of this in her book. And I’m hoping Michelle will take some time off and celebrate this win. But I know she won’t because her work ethic is incredible. I’m looking forward to the next one.


- Damon Dash

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